Coverage Comparison
Standard Policy
Expanded Policy
Someone else owns an interest in your title

A document is not properly signed

Forgery, fraud, duress

Defective recording of any document

There are restrictive covenants

There is a lien on your title because there is:
a) a deed of trust
b) a judgement, tax, or special assessment
c) a charge by the homeowner's association

Title is unmarketable

Mechanic's lien protection

Forced removal of a structure because it:
a) extends on to other land or on to an easement
b) violates a restriction in Schedule B
c) violates an existing zoning law*

Can't use land for single-family-residence because the use violates a restriction in Schedule B or a zoning ordinance

Pays rent for substitute land or facilities

Unrecorded lien by a homeowner's association

Unrecorded easements

Rights under unrecorded leases

Plain language

Building permit violations*

Compliance with Subdivision Map Act*

Restrictive covenants violations

Post Policy encroachments

Post Policy damage from mineral or water extractions

Post Policy living trust coverage

Enhanced access - vehicular and pedestrian

Map not consistent with legal description

Post Policy automatic increase in value up to 150%

Post Policy adverse action possession

Post Policy cloud on title

Post Policy prescriptive easement

Covenant violation resulting in reversion

Boundary wall and fence encroachments*

Enhanced marketability

Violations of building setbacks

Discriminatory covenants

Insurance coverage forever

Post Policy fraud

*Subject to a deductible and a maximum indemnity liability, which may be less than the policy amount.

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